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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Day

 Well this isn't going to be much of a post but I just wanted to mention a couple things about my day today.

I went to Target to shop for some shampoo that I had free vouchers for plus some random things I needed. Upon reaching the shampoo isle, I noticed that the shampoo I had two vouchers for had a special where if you bought four items listed on the tag you would get a $5 target gift card. Naturally the "awesome" alarm went off in my head and I began searching through my coupon binder for other products on the list. I decided to get a Suave lotion that I also had a free voucher for (25% more size), vaseline lotion (that came with a pack of q-tips), and the two suave products I had the vouchers for. I didn't realize that the suave lotion was not included in the special, but I will expound on that later. I grabbed some food that I did not have coupons for but they were on sale. Then I happened by a clearance rack that had several items I had coupons for (more *awesome* alarms). I only got a bottle of Febreeze Air effect as it was the best deal of the bunch.

At the checkout, I used several coupons plus I got $0.05 off for the target bag I purchased and 5% off my total cost with my new Target Red Debit card. I didn't get the $5 gift card at first but I went back and got another Suave product and solved it. In all, I saved $17.35 and paid $5.36 on this transaction.

I also purchased two bottles of lemonade at World Market for $0.34 (the tax)

Basically I bought everything in this pic (including the bag) for $5.70!

For some karma points I gave a Pantene voucher to a couple who were buying the product anyway and left some coupons on top of products I wan't interested in.

Stay thrifty, my friends.

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  1. Thank you for saving us nearly $5 on our purchase Kellie! That was very kind of you to share that with us!