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Sunday, June 25, 2017

So, It's Been Awhile...

Wow, to be honest I somewhat forgot about this blog. I had been planning to revamp it a while back ("Guess Who's Back" post) and then life happened- as it does.

Quite a lot has occurred in my life in the interim. I'm not currently enrolled, although I have yet to graduate. Heath and financial issues are mostly to blame- along with a bad case of inertia on my part. I had a hard time justifying tuition when I still am not certain what I want to pursue as a career.

I am hoping to return to school soon, (partially why I remembered "hey, don't I have a blog?") though I haven't decided if I will continue my former major or not. But I have become employed at a software company full time (as opposed to my retail job of the past 6 years) that offers tuition reimbursement offering me a compelling reason to return. There's still the issue of fitting my classes around work, but at least there's set hours that I will be working as opposed to working any time of day for any number of hours, potentially at the drop of a hat. Plus I have Paid Time Off now! Still wrapping my head around the concept of not going to work and still getting paid.

I am also in the process of buying a house. OMG it is stressful and annoying! It would probably be a lot easier if I wasn't buying it by myself. The financial world is hella against the single ladies. Last couple of years I have been living with my sister and her bf and paying him rent money, so I haven't had to deal with bills in a while. That combo'd with my recent uptick in income meant that I haven't been couponing as hard as I used to.

The Stingy Student is going to reassert herself quite soon. In a way, she has already, I'm saving up for my down payment right now and every time I think of spending a dime she smacks my hand. Helpful, but a smidge annoying.

So, if I have any readers left at this point, hey- it's nice to see ya. I'm going to be posting new and awesome ways to handle your fledgling finances. Very likely, a bunch of stuff about my house buying experience as well. So TTFN, see ya again soon.

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