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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Do It, Do It

So this is Part 2 of the Side Hustle round up. For this part, the focus will be on hybrid jobs- those that you can get online but that require real world effort. This will include jobs allocated by apps- such as Lyft- and more artistic venues- like Etsy.

App jobs are the big boom here lately. The first major two being Uber and Lyft which allow you to whistle up a random stranger and get in their car.

YOU could be that stranger! From my understanding, Lyft seems to be the preferred company to work for as far as worker satisfaction goes. Due to number of users however, Uber drivers tend to make more money. The popular way to use these apps is to drive for both services so that you are able to pick the better paying trip nearest you. Forbes has a pretty good article discussing the pros and cons of both companies.
For these jobs you will need:

A) a car (duh) that is clean and has enough space for passengers- the type of fares you get will be determined by the car you have
B) a driver's licence
C) car insurance
D) to pass a background check
E) Android or IOS phone
F) 21-23 year of age (depending on state)

A somewhat newer app job on the scene is Shipt, which is a way for customers to order groceries and have them delivered to their home in no less than an hour. As a shopper, you will go to the customer's store of choice and grab all their goodies, making substitutions for items not in stock, and texting them questions as needed. You are paid per trip as well as tips for a job well done. I myself am in the process of getting hired and have completed the online interview. So far the company seems friendly and fun to work for. There is an emphasis on delivery with a smile and excelling in customer service along with critical thinking when it comes to making decisions on the groceries. (such as "The customer has requested 1 pound of brand X free-range ground turkey meat, there are two packages of brand X remaining, one for 0.92 pounds or another for 1.03 pounds- which do you buy?"). I will post more about working for the company if I am hired.

This job is appealing if you want the flexibility of an app job but not the hassle of transporting several people (likely drunk) all over town. And as an extra bonus, all Shipt workers get a free membership to get their own groceries delivered. They do require proof of insurance and a virtual job interview, if you pass the initial qualifications- they will email you requesting additional information for the background check. If you live in the Mobile, AL area, they are currently taking applications for when they go live in the there.
Shipt requires:

A) a car 15 years old or newer
B) a driver's licence
C) car insurance
D) to pass a background check
E) insulated grocery bag or cooler
F) that you wear a Shipt t-shirt while working (will be provided when hired)
G) that you are able to lift 25 pounds
F) IOS 8 or Android 4.4.2 minimum phone
G) 18 years of age

Another type of hybrid job is order based. Websites like Esty allow you to post your crafts and sell them all over the world! Most post a hodge-podge of things they've bought and things they create but if you are crafty, you can make moolah. I can't really post any stats on this as prices for items are self-determined but I will say to post a few things to sniff out demand as you could have a hot-seller or a dud.
Etsy requires:

A) stuff to sell
B) internet access
C) ability to mail said stuff intact

Lastly, if you are so lucky as to have access to a 3D printer, you can post your machine on 3D Hubs and those who have items to print can pay you to print and ship them. Again, stats are difficult to give as price can vary person to person and by distance and material but most orders range in the 2-3 digits.
3D Hub Requires:

A) 3D printer of a reasonable quality (If you built it yourself, you must provide a micron quality)
B) a computer
C) 3D modeling software
D) 3D slicing software
E) ability to mail printed objects intact

Questions? Comments? Anything I missed? Say so below!

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