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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Guess Who's Back?

Hey everyone (everyone, everyone, eveyone....)
Echo! (echo, echo, echo...)

Yeah... It's been awhile.

So I found my old business cards on my bookshelf while cleaning and remembered, hey- I have a blog! Hopefully there aren't any rabid code dogs out there waiting to pounce on me, crazed from their lonely experience on a deserted webpage. But mostly I'm afraid that my readers are angry for my year-long hiatus. I had some family stuff and some school stuff and a little depressing stuff happen that I won't relay on here but I want to let everyone know that I'm back and will be posting more often, not that it is hard to post more frequently than once a year.

I checked my stats and noticed that the page has had some visitors. Poor unfortunates sniffing for scraps when there were none to be had. I'm so sorry! I also had a nice note from Google telling me that if I want to get paid, I needed to give them my tax info.

Anyway, for the next few days I plan to reorganize the site, shake out the cobwebs, and give it a little face lift. I will delete the less favored posts so that the number of pages to sift through will remain at a minimum. I'm thinking up some post ideas and WILL make my next post Wednesday afternoon. As always, if you have ideas or questions feel free to message me and I will include it in my following post.

For now, a couple updates on me.

I am now the proud pet of a cat. Yes, he owns me. I literally had no choice in the matter. An adorable kitten chased my bff (who is afraid of and allergic to cats) into my apartment. For my friend's sake I tossed him (lightly) out the door three times, each time he ran back in before I could shut the door. He was skinny enough to worry me despite the fact he was wearing a collar. I have a soft spot for cats as I grew up with lots of them so I found an MRE with a meatloaf packet and mushed it up for the little guy and gave him the option of milk or water. He ate his fill, almost the whole packet, crawled into my lap and fell asleep. I was super surprised as a stray cat will rarely let a person touch them much less curl up and go to sleep. I didn't plan to keep him considering the cost but my sister came home and announced he was ours. When I asked why she told me to look at his feet. When I looked I finally noticed the fact you could almost count to ten with one of his feet. He is a Hemingway (aka polydactyl, aka mitten kitten) cat. He has a total of 26 toes instead of the usual 18 numbering 8-7-6-5. I did try to find the original owners but like I said, he was in bad shape. The kind of shape that occurs from neglect so it is probably good I didn't find them, for their sake.
His name is Professor Theodore Danger Butterscotch or simply Prof. Butterscotch and no, I didn't name him, my sister did. Who promptly got her own cat who she named Generalisima Fluffypants, a female siamese and very tiny with the normal number of toes.

Aside from that there's not much to tell. I hit the two-year mark at my job. I had my wisdom teeth removed. I've gotten REALLY into nail art (I will probably post some pics on here just to warn you).

I've started writing a second novel despite not finishing the first. The first is a sci-fi time-travel adventure that I love but do not have the time for research on. It's just to complicated for my limited time. You might say that I should make it less intricate but if I did it wouldn't be worth the time anyway. So for now it is on the shelf until I can devote myself to it properly. My new one is a vampire themed novel I've been knocking around in my head for a few years. As I have been rather obsessed with vampires since about the age of 4, there is little additional research to do. And no, it is nothing like and has nothing to do with Twilight. I actually do like the Twilight novel series (I have 1st edition hardback of all 5 books), it was entertaining and got teens reading which is quite an accomplishment. The movies destroyed that. Not only were the movies cheesy and poorly done but most teens will watch a movie before lifting a book and after watching those movies they are unlikely to touch the book. When there were no movies, they had no choice. But now I'm ranting so back to the topic... my book concerns an actual, bonafide, evil-and-I-like-it vampire. The main character is a girl who is not head over heels for the vamp but actually afraid of him like she should be. He kills people and would kill her if given the chance. He is not a tortured soul but a torturer of souls. He is the kind of vampire I miss in modern literature. Most modern vampires if evil are flat characters and if good are whiny little b****es. Annoying.

Anyway, If you've red this far, here is your reward. My life in pics:
Asleep on my book, with his eyes open

So many toes!

The tiny one stares into my drink!

My egg art whim last Easter

My car all shiny and new (the one I couponed for)

Halloween nails

Fourth of July nails

Nails for a wedding

Nails that made me want to eat some King cake

Jack Skellington-O-lantern (with blood spatter nails)

The Furby I got for xmas

My teeny tiny turret (*Are you still there?*)

My hair all done up for my friend's wedding

Prof. Butterscotch meets kitty bank for

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